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Smiling baby boy Toby puts on his charm

I have photographed many babies at many different ages, but 8 month old baby Toby definitely has given me the best and most smiles ever!

Mum booked in a photography session to have the whole family photographed together, plus sibling and single portraits also included. It turns out that they had never had professional portraits taken before, not even when sister Alice was a baby! But she felt now was the perfect time as their family is now complete with the 2 kids. She also chose this age of Toby being 8 months old because Grandma apparently has a wall of photographs with all the grandchildren and great grandchildren at 8 months old. How amazing is that!

We started the session with family portraits, and it turns out that Alice loves kissing and hugging her little brother - even if she is a bit rough! Toby certainly didn't seem to mind!

family photographer Ferntree Gully

Next were the sibling portraits, and again those smiles kept coming and Alice was super sweet playing with Toby and making him giggle. The sibling portrait below has to be one of my favourites ever!

quality child photographer Melbourne

With the single portraits, we decided to photograph 3 year old Alice in both her pretty pink dress and white outfit. She was more than obliging to have her photograph taken and had lots of fun!

fun toddler photographs

Once it was Toby's turn to have his photographs taken, of course there were more and more smiles - in fact I don't think I took one photo without him smiling! Mum and Dad stood behind me and engaged with him, plus sung some songs, to bring out those gorgeous dimples!

baby milestone photographer Melbourne Ferntree Gully

Last but not least, we had a little bit of time left to photograph Mum and Dad alone with the kids! I admit we had thoroughly exhausted the kids energy by the end of the session haha, I think they slept well afterwards! But they did so well during the session and the photographs achieved are just priceless!

Mum and Dad decided to purchase a package including a stunning 24x26" Collage for their wall at home, single prints, plus digital files. Dad picked up their order and was speechless when he saw how beautiful the collage was (photo does not do it justice!). He talked about how it would hang on their wall for many years to come, and the kids will grow up looking at it and reminiscing how young they once were - a true family heirloom! It's so lovely to hear feedback such as this :)

For all family and baby photography enquiries, please contact Michelle on 0401 514 969 or email

Kiddy Kats Photography is based in Ferntree Gully, in Melbourne's eastern suburbs.


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