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Top Reasons to Choose Outdoor Family Photography

Outdoor Family Photography, Melbourne Family Photographer

Photographs have the power to immortalise special moments within a family. These document the growth, progress, and changes the whole family and its members go through. These prized images bring us back to a certain point in time and help us relive precious memories with people who are dear to us.

Especially for children, having family photographs has become immensely crucial. As they grow up, kids tend to forget memories they had as toddlers and young children. Having family pictures to look back to helps them remember experiences they had during these stages. Moreover, according to psychologists, looking at family photographs boosts their self-esteem. Physically seeing themselves in pictures as valued members of their families gives them a sense of security. By having family portraits around your home, your children will likely grow up knowing they are loved. This will be good for their mental health and the family's wellbeing as a whole.

In this digital age, it seems like taking family photographs is easy. By just taking a selfie or using a self-timer, it is achievable. However, having impeccable pictures of the complete family is not always attainable. This is because either mum or dad has to work behind the camera. Hence, it is crucial to have a professional photographer who will capture the beautiful moments so both parents can join the kid/s in the frame. One of the best ways to do it is through outdoor family photography.

If you want to document more natural moments of your family, do not pass on the chance of being out with the sun and blooms! Here are some reasons why you should have an outdoor session with Kiddy Kats Photography for your next set of family pictures:

1. Natural Light

Light is every photograph's key ingredient. When it comes to quality, natural lighting is unparalleled. While sunlight can get unpredictable, a seasoned photographer can use it to their advantage and guide your family in executing the perfect position to dance with it. Apart from providing sterile illumination, natural lighting gives photographs a unique feel by adding contrast, atmosphere, and texture. This is achievable without the use of flash, which can be uncomfortable for kids.

2. Feature Stunning Sceneries

Outdoor photography allows you to choose a myriad of striking backgrounds during the same session. Playing with different angles can give you a variety of scenes. With a creative photographer, your choices of backdrops are endless, as if the world is at your fingertips. While your family is the main subject of the photographs, it will never hurt to go for frame worthy backgrounds.

3. Increased Variety of Shots

Having a photoshoot outside also means more room for creativity. This is because you can interact with the nature around you. Hence, you can sprinkle some spontaneity in your photographs by using natural elements as your props. Throwing leaves up in the air, blowing dandelions, and hugging a tree is entertainment your kids will surely enjoy! Aside from making the pictures more fascinating to the people you will share these with, this will likely cultivate a love for nature in kids.

4. A Fun and More Relaxed Photoshoot

Kids, particularly younger ones, can get apprehensive about getting photographed, especially in a foreign place such as a photo studio. Plus, indoor shoots can make some people of all ages feel still or formal. The great thing about an outdoor photoshoot is that the setting is more casual, which brings ease to everyone. When everyone is comfortable, it can be effortless for people to pose and show their real personalities and the genuine bonds within their family.

5. Your Photoshoot Can Be Two Events in One

You can make your outdoor family photoshoot a fun family event. Doing a picnic at the beach or park or bringing games do not only help everyone feel more relaxed and have more fun. This also adds a theme to your photographs. Plus, if you have pets, you can bring them along to play with. Just give us a heads up so we can prepare and plan on exciting ways of how we can incorporate them in the shots!

Every family deserves to be in photographs that will remind them of what life is all about and also make great decors to their home. For flawless family pictures that show the real you and your children with all your smiles and quirks, trust Kiddy Kats Photography. We offer affordable outdoor photography in Melbourne between October and May to take advantage of the best weather. While we can have a shoot at your preferred location, we recommend parks in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. When it comes to scheduling, we are very flexible. Let us know what you think and the best date for your family!

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