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Baby Photographer

Captured Hearts Photography specialises in capturing precious memories of your baby, from a newborn up to 12 months old.

Babies grow and change so fast in that first year! As a parent, this time in your life goes by so fast but your love for this little person that YOU CREATED undeniably grows stronger every day. You find yourself wishing on most days that you could just freeze this hectic time in your life and enjoy them as a baby forever! Professional photographs are the closest thing to doing just this, allowing you to capture your baby's milestones and treasure them for a lifetime. Having these memories for your baby when they grow older is also just as special for them as it is for you! 


A newborn photo shoot allows you to capture the tiny details and first memories of your baby, but as they quickly grow and change it’s so precious to capture their milestones and emerging personality! Below is some further information on these stages.

Newborn Babies (under 4 weeks old)

'Newborn' photography is classified as babies under 4 weeks old. During those first few weeks your baby is usually very sleepy and we can achieve those adorable, curly, womb-like poses. Capturing your baby while they are so young also reminds you of those first memories you had with your baby and how small they once were!

Newborn sessions are inclusive of family photographs with your baby. A new arrival in your family is such a special time and capturing your family’s memories at this time is just as special as your baby’s individual portraits. Your heart is so full of love for your bundle of joy, and it’s also an exciting time - especially for siblings who dote on their baby brother or sister!

Babies up to 12 Months Old

Babies grow so fast! From around 2 months old, they quickly achieve one milestone after another and you find yourself wishing that you could freeze this adorable baby stage. Having quality, professional photographs taken of your precious bub means that you can treasure this baby stage forever!

There are many adorable milestones that you can capture as your baby grows. There is never a right or wrong time to have your baby photographed! 

2-4 months: first smiles, tummy time
5-7 months: sitting assisted, grabbing toes
8-12 months: sitting on their own, clapping, crawling, standing

All baby photography sessions also include the opportunity to have family portraits taken.

One Year Milestone

Congratulations, you made it! Your baby reaching 12 months old is often as exciting for parents as it is for their baby! That first year can be one of the toughest years you will ever experience, and is truly a reason for celebration. This is the perfect time to have professional photographs taken so you can remember this special milestone, plus capture your baby's blossoming personality and cheeky ways! It is also your last chance to have professional baby photographs captured before they are a toddler.


At One Year old babies are doing so many adorable things. They are crawling by now and also often standing and 'cruising' furniture. Plus some babies are already walking!

All 'One Year Milestone' photography sessions also include family portraits.

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