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Family Photography Melbourne

Melbourne Family Photographer Michelle is very passionate about capturing family portraits, as these are the photographs your children will truly treasure when they are older. Michelle loves a traditional looking-at-camera portrait, but capturing the more natural moments of parents with their children is what really makes her heart sing! She loves to just sit back and watch families having fun together through her lens and capture the love and special connections you share as a family.

Parents belong in photos with their Children

Mums and Dads who search for a Family Photographer Melbourne and get in touch about a family photo shoot will often comment that most of their personal photographs are missing Mum or Dad - because one of them is behind the camera. Mums often talk about how they have no photographs with their children besides selfies! Unfortunately this is such a common issue as it’s very hard to take a full family photograph by yourself! And when you ask Aunty or Grandma to take a family photo with your phone, let’s admit, it’s not usually something that you would put on your wall!

Family Portraits with your Baby

Newborn photography and baby photography sessions are inclusive of family photos with baby.

A new arrival in your family is such a special time and capturing your family’s memories at this time is just as special as your baby’s individual portraits. Your heart is so full of love for your baby, and it’s also an exciting time - especially for siblings who dote on their baby brother or sister!

Young Families

Michelle loves photographing Melbourne families of all ages as she believes every stage in life has a special memory that is worth treasuring forever. However, she especially adores photographing families with young children. Why? Because at this young age a child’s whole world is their Mum and Dad! No one in the world is more important to them and Mummy and Daddy cuddles are the best thing ever! This is also a time when Mum and Dad’s spare time is devoted to their child, teaching them new things and watching their child discover the world. This stage is both adorable and truly rewarding!


The old saying of ‘children grow up too quick’ is so very true and with two children of her own, Michelle understands just how precious it is to capture your family’s memories while your children are little. It is also truly special to have these memories for your children to cherish when they are older. 

Including Your Beloved Pets

Having your family pets included in your photo shoot is both unique and special! Dogs in particular are often seen as a member of the family and you couldn't imagine your life without them! Michelle is very passionate about capturing memories with your beloved pets as she understands just how special they are, to both parents and children. It's truly priceless to have these memories for your kids to look back on, so they remember their furry friend forever.

Generation Family Photographs (including Grandparents)

An extended family photo shoot is so special - why not include the grandparents in family photos?! The kids are often their grandparent's biggest fans and love spending time with them. Capturing the love and connection you all share is priceless! These sessions also give the opportunity to have cousin portraits taken of the kids, which is also special.


Grandmothers love nothing more than having photographs of their children and grandchildren on their wall. If you are thinking about booking a family photo shoot for your own family, why not invite the grandparents along?! Generation family photography packages are great value, as you can share your photographs amongst the whole family!

Studio or Outdoor?

Family Studio Photographs

Studio portraits give your photographs a real professional look. Michelle uses continuous studio lights, therefore there are no harsh flashes! She also feels that it allows her to capture more natural moments plus those fleeting smiles and cheeky expressions that your baby and children give! 

Studio sessions take place in a spacious and comfortable studio located in Emerald. So comfortable in fact that new parents sometimes take a nap on the couch during newborn sessions! The Captured Hearts Photography studio has 2 areas - one for working (where the magic happens!), and one for relaxing where you are free to use the space as you need. There is also a play area for toddlers and children. 


Photographer Michelle aims to capture a combination of traditional 'looking at camera' portraits, plus some fun candid moments. Parents who consider themselves a little self-conscious will usually opt for the more modern style of natural family photographs. 


You can choose to have your family photos captured on a white or charcoal backdrop, and for families whose kids are a little older and take direction well, we can achieve a combination of both. 


Outdoor Family Photographs

If outdoor is more your family's style, Michelle loves taking portraits at sunset using the beautiful parks in Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs. Her two favourite parks are located in Olinda and Boronia and offer a stunning backdrop at sunset. Outdoor photo shoots allow her to capture more natural moments of your family having fun together and your children being their cheeky selves. If you have very active toddlers, outdoor family photographs can be a great option if you feel they will be too restless in a studio space. 


Bookings for outdoor sessions are obviously weather-dependant, but family photographer Michelle is very flexible with re-scheduling when needed. These photography sessions are offered from October-May to take advantage of the best weather. 

Enjoy A Personal Experience!

Photographer Michelle offers a fully personal experience from start to finish. Before your family photo shoot, there is a pre-shoot questionnaire and design consultation. She will also give you advice on clothing to wear and discuss this with you in length. Michelle is committed to ensure you are happy with the end result!


After your Melbourne Family Photography session, you are invited back to the Captured Hearts Photography studio approximately 1-2 weeks later for a personalised Ordering Session. Michelle will show you a selection of your best photographs and work with you to decide on what products best suit you and your budget. This is a stress-free experience with no hard sales tactics!


Family Photographers in Melbourne That Print Your Photographs!

Family photographs are also a precious part of your family's heirloom and will be treasured for generations to come. However, the digital age means that unfortunately it’s very easy to lose our photographs. Having professional prints of your photographs is so important to ensure they last forever and can be handed down to your children and grandchildren. 

Family Photographer Michelle offers a full service from capture to print and is very passionate about creating stunning Wall Decor for you to enjoy. Turn your house into a home by hanging your photographs on your walls and let them make you smile every day!

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