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Whether you are young and single and your beloved pet is your world - or your family consists of you and your partner and your beloved pet/s - or you have a family with children and your pet is just as important as your kids - or maybe your children are grown up and you're just enjoying life with your Fur Babies! - no matter what stage you are at in life, Michelle would love to capture this for you!


Award-winning photographer Michelle is a huge animal lover, having grown up and been surrounded by many beloved pets her whole life. She understands that deep connection and love a person forms with their pets as well as the unconditional love they give in return.

Michelle is passionate about capturing memories of your beloved pet/s! Book a Pet Photography Session that is focused on them, or bring them along to your family photography session and enjoy a unique and fun experience that includes portraits of your furry family members!

To see more of Michelle's work please select the relevant gallery below:

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