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Families, Kids & Their Pets

If your dog or pet is a beloved family member, why not include them in your family portraits? I adore having your furry friends involved in your photo shoot!

Plus photographing your baby and kids with their furry best friend is my ultimate favourite! The bond that pets have with their kid owners is unique and special, and definitely worth treasuring for a lifetime. As a parent, I bet you can remember your first pet that you adored as a child! It's truly priceless to have these memories for your kids to look back on in years to come, so they remember their furry friend forever.

award winning boy with dog
baby feet and dog paws
family portrait with Labrador dog
kids with their Labrador sunset
5 month baby with Maltese dog
kids with their cat
child with beloved dog
Family and Pets Photographer Melbourne
baby storytime with dog
young boy with dog
twin sisters with their labradors
family photo including family dog
young girl with kitten
baby playing dress up with dog
mountain Bernese dog with baby
child cuddling dog black and white
3 children with beloved dog
teenager with beloved ragdoll cat
kids with Labrador looking at view
family fun with dog
children with Japanese spitz
brothers with beloved dog
sisters and their dog
kids and their pets
kids hugging dog
boy with his dog portrait
sweet girl with her dog
child and her cat
kids playing with their dog
boy with German shepherd
brothers with their husky
boy running with his dogs
outdoor portrait boy with dogs
Pet Photographer Melbourne
mothers sons and family dog
3 brothers with their Labrador
2 brothers and their samoyed
kids with their Labrador sunset
sisters with their Labrador
full family portrait including dog
Rat Photographer Melbourne
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