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Photographing Newborn Babies awake

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Newborn Photography is typically associated with portraits of babies sleeping, looking all cute and snuggly. But what if we were to flip that idea on its head?! Newborn babies are full of so many expressions, both adorable and amusing! I have so much fun taking these portraits and parents just love them and always select at least one as part of their photography package.

Newborn baby photographer Melbourne
Baby Myra, above, slept for most of her photography session but she had a little bit of awake time and was quite happy just looking around inquisitively, which made for gorgeous awake portraits!
newborn baby yawning
Who doesn't love a yawning photo?! This capture of baby Evie mid-yawn is just too adorable!

Below are some more gorgeous photographs of babies having some awake time during their newborn photography session.

newborn baby studio photo shoot
Baby Katie had a lot of amusing expressions when awake!

Newborn Family Portraits with awake babies

I also love photographing babies awake with their doting parents when given the opportunity. Especially when bub looks up at Mum and Dad and engages with them, it also gives really natural expressions from the parents.

unique family portraits

Involving pets too!

I always love involving pets in photo shoots, and having little Jamie awake in this photograph below I think makes it even more special.

baby photos with pets

When booking a photography session with me, I will always take the opportunity to photograph your baby awake if they are happily looking around in-between sleeping times. Not every baby will do this, some are just too sleepy and others are very persistent about being fed when awake! But most will have happy awake time, just as they do when at home.

For all enquiries in regards to a Newborn or Baby Photography Session, please contact photographer Michelle on 0401 514 969 or email

Kiddy Kats Photography is based in Ferntree Gully in Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs.


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