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Newborn Photography Melbourne

Introducing my new 'Short & Sweet' newborn photo sessions

Yes, the rumours are true.... newborn sessions can be very long and also very hot. But for those parents who love the photos of newborn babies all naked and curly, there isn't really any way to avoid these long sessions! Unless you happen to have an unusually settled baby... something that I've only seen a handful of times throughout years of photographing hundreds of babies!

In 2018 I'm introducing 'Short & Sweet Newborn Sessions'. These sessions are ideal for parents who may be on a smaller budget or time restraint, and who also don't mind if their baby is photographed awake. These sessions are for 90 minutes in my studio in Ferntree Gully (Melbourne Eastern Suburbs) and include photographs of your bundle-of-joy in at least 2 different set-ups, plus a family portrait and sibling portrait (if applicable).

The main reason why my standard newborn sessions can take anywhere from 2-4 hours is because it's quite common to have an unsettled baby and the extra time is needed to settle them into a deep sleep. Newborn babies also commonly have what's called a 'startle reflex' (also known as Moro reflex) where their arms and legs jolt out from them and this can keep them awake when naked. Even in my longer newborn sessions, I often have to wrap babies with a strong startle reflex to settle them and sometimes it's just not possible to get that fully naked photo. As the saying goes, every baby is different!

In the 'Short & Sweet' sessions I will keep your baby wrapped to keep them settled, which will also allow me to achieve a good variety of photographs in a short amount of time. It also means that the studio doesn't need to be as warm because your baby isn't naked. If at the end of the session your baby is acting very settled and we have time to spare, I am more than happy to attempt a fully naked photograph if you wish.

These sessions are also perfect for those parents who may be on a smaller budget and are happy with a small bunch of photographs of their precious baby. Pricing starts at just $695, inclusive of the photography session and 6 Digital Files, plus a complimentary digital birth announcement card.

If you would like further information on these Short & Sweet newborn sessions, please feel free to contact me (Michelle) on 0401 514 969 or email: The Kiddy Kats Photography studio is in Ferntree Gully in Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs.

The photographs in this Blog represent the portraits you can expect from these photography sessions!


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