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I'm so excited to be launching this fundraiser for RSPCA Victoria!

For those who don't know, I also take portraits of people's pets - in particular their dogs. I especially love photographing people with their pets and capturing that special bond they share. But my love of photographing babies and children has definitely influenced my work with pets. I have found myself absolutely adoring taking portraits of babies and kids with their beloved furry friends! I mean honestly, how do you get more adorable than that?!

For a while I have been wanting to create a photo book all about the special bond between kids and their pets, and I am very excited to finally get it off the ground! To also be making it a fundraiser for RSPCA is extra special and I hope people support this project. I'm hoping to have at least 40 families involved and therefore raise a minimum of $2000 for RSPCA Victoria. The final product will be a beautiful coffee table book that you will love to have on display in your home!

Darcy with his beloved Major and Teeka

Darcy was the first child to be photographed with his dogs as part of this book! Darcy is 6 years old and his beloved Major (pug) is 7 years old and Teeka (maltese poodle) is 9 years old. Darcy has had the joy of growing up with his beloved dogs and just loves to run around with them! As well as cuddle them of course :) During the photo shoot I could see how they just loved to follow their kid-owner and play with him. They definitely have a forever friendship!

Major is so full of energy, running around and playing but then crashes just as fast and needing to rest! Teeka being a little older likes to take things slow and steady but she could keep playing for hours!

These photos were taken at one of my favourite parks in Olinda, in the Dandenong Ranges. Olinda is about a one hour drive from Melbourne CBD in the eastern suburbs, but offers a stunning backdrop. Check out that view!

How to get involved

It's easy to apply to be involved in the photo book, just by going to and filling in the form. I'd love to hear about your children and their beloved pets! I have already heard some really special stories and had the pleasure of photographing some gorgeous dogs that are just adored by their kid-owners.

To help me fundraise, please spread the word amongst your friends and family! Share this blog, my Facebook post, or brochure if you've happened to pick one up!


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