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Editing Newborn Photographs

It may or may not surprise you that in most of my newborn photography sessions the parents are worried about their baby's skin.

It's very common for newborn babies to have dry and flaky skin, as well as little pimples. And it's even more common for newborn babies to have surprisingly long fingernails and they manage to scratch their face the day before their photo shoot!

Mum and Dad ask me with a stressed look on their face "can you get rid of that mark?". I've also had parents in the past suggest that they need to re-schedule their photo shoot because their baby or child has managed to scratch their face!

Fear not! Us photographers today are very lucky to live in a world where photo editing programs are amazing and we can fix almost any skin problem! This blog is to give you some examples of Before And After images, where the baby has had not-so-perfect skin but with a little bit of editing you would not guess this was the case! The photo below of baby Scarlett looks flawless, yet if you click to the right you will see the photo before it was edited and you can see she had a lot of redness around her eyes and nose, including a little pimple under her nose.

Below, big brother Lachlan is cuddling his baby brother Jaxson during his newborn photography session. I have edited Jaxson's skin so it doesn't look so red and instead soft and peachy! Lachlan also has redness around his nose and mouth and this was easily taken care of in Photoshop!

It's quite common for newborn babies to also experience baby acne around 2-3 weeks of age. This definitely stresses parents out when their baby starts breaking out in pimples just days before their photo shoot. But again, editing programs have lots of tricks and an experienced photographer will be able to remove these for you!

Dry, flaking skin is also very common for newborn babies and little Darius below had a bad case of it. But you would never guess after some editing magic! You can also see that he had skin indentations from the nappy, as I removed it last-minute. But I was able to remove these too!

All images above are copyrighted by Kiddy Kats Photography.

Based in Ferntree Gully in Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs, photographer Michelle specialises in newborn photography plus capturing all baby milestones up to 12 months old. All photography sessions have the opportunity to also include family portraits!

For all enquiries, please contact Michelle 0401 514 969



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