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Don't Be Hesitant to have your Toddler Photographed! Child Photographer Melbourne

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

I write this as my own 2 year old runs around and gets under my feet (literally - as I sit on the kitchen stool and he crawls under!) saying "Mummy Mummy" - yep, the toddler age can surely be challenging! But there is also something about this age that is truly delightful and adorable, even in those moments that you wish you could have 5 minutes to yourself!

As a Mum, I love this age of learning and seeing the world through new eyes. I just wish my energy could match my son's!

As a child photographer, I absolutely love capturing the cheekiness of your toddler and the laughs they give you as a family!

child photographer Melbourne

Hesitant to book a child photography session?

Parents who contact me wanting professional portraits of their toddler are usually very nervous about how the session will go. It's true that this age can be quite unpredictable and it's unknown how they will behave during the session. But by bringing these two elements, I believe I can make your photo shoot successful!

  1. Patience! A little bit of patience goes a long way. It's only a good thing if your child has a bit of 'stranger danger' and therefore takes some time to warm up to me and feel comfortable within the Kiddy Kats Photography studio. I often chat to them and let them play for a little bit if they need some time to adjust. As time goes on and they feel more comfortable, that's when I can capture their true smiles and personality and this is exactly what I aim for! It's also important that as parents, you are patient with them. Your session is not rushed so let them take the time they need!

  2. Fun! Making the photography session fun and playful is very important so your child enjoys themselves. I use a variety of props and toys to create true smiles from your toddler, and of course it always helps if Mum and Dad are behind the camera making silly faces or singing songs!

Natural Family Photographs ~ Tickles work wonders!

I love capturing a variety of portraits during your photography session. I always aim for a traditional looking-at-camera family photo, but then also some fun, natural moments between you all. This is when tickles work wonders! Whether the kids are tickling each other or Mum and Dad are tickling their child, it's a sure way to bring a smile onto your child's face and also makes Mum and Dad smile when watching them.

Family Photographer Melbourne

Your Toddler during a Newborn Photography Session

Most Mums are terribly worried about how their toddler will behave during a newborn photo shoot, which is very understandable. They are adjusting to the arrival of a new baby brother or sister and are often unaware of how rough they can be when showing their new sibling affection!

Parents often tell me that capturing a sibling portrait is most important to them. I therefore find it safest to lay your child down on a rug and simply pop bub into their arms.

When capturing newborn family photographs, asking your toddler to give bub a kiss or cuddle always gives a really precious photograph that you can treasure forever!

Melbourne Family Photographer

Outdoor Child Photography Sessions

If you are concerned that your toddler just won't cooperate in a studio photo session, then an outdoor photo shoot is a great option. They can explore and have fun outside while I capture natural moments and their cheeky personality!

Book A Photographer Before They Grow!

Now that you know it is completely possible to capture adorable photographs of your toddler, what are you waiting for?! This crazy but wonderful stage in your child's life is definitely worth treasuring with professional child photographs. You will love looking back on these photographs when they are older and remembering these fun times!

Kiddy Kats Photography is based in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne in Emerald in the stunning Dandenong Ranges. Photographer Michelle specialises in Newborn Photography, Baby Photography and Family Photography. Please enquire by contacting Michelle on 0401 514 969 or email


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