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3 sets of Twins in 3 months!

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

I've photographed a few pairs of twins over the past few years, but never before have I had three set of twins - and all female - within 3 months!

I also found it quite ironic that after having a rush of baby boys in the Kiddy Kats Photography studio, all of a sudden I had these 6 beautiful baby girls to photograph!

4 month old Identical Girls

Firstly was twins Charlotte and Ava at 4 months old. I was lucky enough to photograph their older sister Olivia when she was just 4 months old, plus up to 12 months as part of my Watch Me Grow package. I'm very excited that Mum has chosen to do the same with her newest gorgeous girls so I will see them again at 8 and 12 months old! These baby girls look so alike, even Mum sometimes got them confused! We decided to give Charlotte a white headband and Ava a pink one to tell them apart!

baby photographer eastern suburbs Melbourne

Newborn Fraternal (unidentical) Twins

Secondly, I had newborn girls Sophia and Olivia. They were born at good healthy weights, so I was able to photograph them under 2 weeks old and achieve those sweet sleeping portraits. These girls were so calm during the photography session and an absolute pleasure to work with! I couldn't believe how different they look though! It's amazing how genes work!

Both girls have amazing long eyelashes from their Mum, I couldn't resist capturing this!

professional baby photographer Melbourne

4 month old Fraternal Twins

My last set of twins in this run of 3 were the beautiful girls below (for privacy reasons I've been asked not to name them). The story behind the arrival of these girls is quite an admirable journey, that's for sure! They are very special girls indeed!

Again it amazes me how genes work and how they look so different!

priceless baby photographs

All of these girls and their families live in the local areas of Rowville and Ferntree Gully (outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne). I feel very privileged to have met these local Melbourne families and learn of their journey up to the arrival of their twin baby girls.

It's also such a pleasure to be able to capture these precious memories for the baby's parents to treasure for years to come! I'm sure the girls will also love looking back at these photographs when they are older!

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