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Why now is the perfect time to book your outdoor photo shoot!

Can you believe it's already coming to the end of another summer?! I swear, time keeps going by so quickly!

1. Enjoy the gorgeous sunsets

I choose to schedule outdoor photography sessions for around sunset time. I just love that gorgeous golden light and using it to create breathtaking portraits! During daylight savings, sunset time is around 8pm but in the locations I use the sun dips behind the trees by 7pm. Therefore I schedule a start time of about 5pm and the photo session is scheduled for 90 minutes.

There is only about 3 more months left of predictable nice weather... ok, so we are in Melbourne and the weather isn't exactly predictable any time of year! But as a photographer, it's much easier to schedule outdoor photo sessions before the end of May. I find that once we get to June, it's just too wet and cold for families to feel comfortable during their photo session.

sunset photography session Melbourne

2. Book ahead and capture the pretty Autumn Colours

I just love photographing families during Autumn! It makes for really stunning family and children's portraits with the colourful leaves. Plus the kids love to have fun and throw the leaves around! The beautiful autumn colours are unfortunately short-lived here in Melbourne and in previous years have only lasted for 6 weeks. So it's best to book ahead to guarantee your session at this pretty time of year! I love to use a spot in Olinda in the Dandenong Ranges where the leaves turn a fiery red colour.

3. The next opportunity isn't until October

Unfortunately in Melbourne the weather doesn't start to warm up again until October or sometimes later. Therefore, before it's too late and yet ANOTHER year goes by - book your photography session now! Kids grow up way too fast so capture today's memories so they can last forever :)


How do Outdoor Sessions work?

As mentioned earlier, I choose to schedule outdoor photography sessions for around sunset time and they are approximately 90 minutes long. Within this time I will photograph a variety of portraits (full family, sibling, single portraits of kids, Mum & kids, Dad & kids) and I also aim to capture a combination of traditional looking-at-camera portraits, plus more fun candid moments. The video below gives you a good insight into my outdoor sessions.


Include your pets!

As always, you are welcome to include your pets in your photography session - or have an outdoor session for you and your pets only if you don't have children!

Book Now!

To take advantage of the warm weather we are having for the next 3 months, contact Michelle at Kiddy Kats Photography to book your family or pet photography session.

Kiddy Kats Photography is based in Ferntree Gully in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Contact Michelle on 0401 514 969 or email


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