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Photographing a newborn baby is always so precious. Especially for first-time parents, I literally feel like I am holding their hearts and souls in my hands. But when I was asked to photograph beautiful Gabriel after the tragic loss of his sister a year earlier, it really was a whole new level of 'precious'.

I was originally booked to photograph Gabriel's sister, and was shattered to learn of her being stillborn. So when her Mum contacted me to tell me they were pregnant again, I was so happy and excited for them, and also very much looking forward to meeting their little boy and capturing these precious memories for them.

Before the photo shoot, I discussed with Mum and Dad about including some sentimental items and also creating a tribute to Gabriel's sister (above). I also took a full range of photographs of Gabriel and family photos too. Such precious memories!

The Angel Wings

The idea of Gabriel wrapped in angel wings was something that took me months of thinking... not only thinking of the idea, but thinking about how I would achieve this. The photograph itself was taken in two parts and I used Photoshop to combine them and create this piece.

I believe that Gabriel will walk through life always wrapped in the arms of his sister's angel wings, with her watching over him from above.

Including sentimental items

Mum was given a gorgeous charm by her own mother after the tragic loss of their daughter. They wanted this involved in some photos, as well as some toys that had been given to their daughter while pregnant with her.

The birth of a baby after a tragic loss is often referred to as a 'rainbow baby'. I therefore created the rays of a rainbow shining down upon beautiful Gabriel.

Gabriel's Portraits

Not to be over-shadowed by the loss of his sister, I also captured a full range of Gabriel's individual portraits to capture just how gorgeous and tiny he is!

Family Portraits


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