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Canon is my choice of camera equipment!

When it comes to camera equipment, there are so many brands to choose from and every photographer has their own preference! If you have been unlucky enough, you may have even experienced a boring debate amongst photographers on Canon VS Nikon etc!

My photography studio is based in Ferntree Gully in Melbourne's outer eastern suburbs. I have a home studio plus also use the great outdoors with parks in Boronia and Olinda. Personally, I love to use Canon camera equipment and the only reason being is that this is the first camera I owned and I just found it super easy to understand. So I've never looked back! I currently use a Canon 5D Mark lll and I just love it. It gives me great professional images that are perfect for the family portrait client.

When it comes to camera equipment, it is just as important (if not more important) to use quality lenses and my 2 favourite lenses are the Canon 24-70mm L Series and the 135mm L Series.

The 24-70mm lens gives me the perfect range for photographing children and families in my studio. Especially with kids moving so quickly it means that I can easily adjust my lens size throughout the session to accommodate! I find that more often than not I photograph between 35-50mm. The wider end of the lens can give too much distortion especially when doing portraiture, and as much as I love the 70mm it's just a bit too tight for my studio space! I do love using the 70mm end of the lens for gorgeous close-ups when the baby or child isn't moving too much though!

During my newborn sessions I mainly find myself on 35mm but because this lens has a macro function I just love using the 70mm end to get gorgeous close ups on a newborn's hands and feet, lips and eyelashes. With the macro function I can get extra close and really capture the fine details!

My second lens of choice is the 135mm and I exclusively use this during my outdoor Sunset Sessions. This lens is such a perfect portrait lens! I just love how it blurs out the background and makes people the central focus.

With all of my portraits my go-to T Stop is T4. I feel this gives me a good depth-of-field but still keeps a beautiful shallow look. Within newborn sessions I play with the T Stop a little bit more to make it more shallow, just depending on the photo I'm taking.

Obviously lighting is just as important when taking a portrait and again every photographer has their own preferences and style. This topic is much more complicated and deserves a whole new blog on its own! But I do choose to use continuous light in my studio rather than flash. I find that especially working with children, flash can be intimidating and therefore my choice to use continuous light allows me to capture more natural smiles.

Here are some photographs with references to settings used:

Photo One (Newborn eyes) - 70mm on the 24-70mm zoom, T3.5

Photo Two (young girl) - 50mm on the 24-70mm zoom, T4

Photo Three (boy outside) - 135mm, T4.


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