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I just love it when customers purchase a piece of Wall Decor for their home, rather than just purchasing digital files. Having one of these stunning, FOREVER pieces hanging on your wall is the real reward of doing a photo shoot!

After all, you go to so much effort to organise your photo shoot, plan what to wear, consider hair and make up (and sometimes pay someone to do it for you), and then hope your children behave on the day! So when you LOVE your photographs, why not enjoy them every day rather than just have them stored on a USB that sits in your draw - hardly to be seen again?!

Choosing The Best Way To Display your Photos

Enlargements: When you really love that one photo more than others, you may choose to display it on a wall all to its own. In this case, choosing a size is quite important as you don't want it to look too big or too small for the wall space.

You may otherwise choose to display this photo with other smaller photos around it, especially if you have a sizeable wall. Some parents choose to do this, creating a wall of memories as their children grow older and adding photos to it as the years go by.

Collages: Collages are perfect for displaying photos together without the need for multiple frames, and therefore they take up less space. I must say that collages are the most popular items I sell. Within the one frame you can capture the essence of the whole photo shoot with your favourite photos. I offer collages that include 4, 5 or 13 photos. The 5 photo collage is very popular for newborns and babies, while the 4 and 13 photo collage is super popular for family photos.

Albums: If you can't decide on just a few photos to display in your home, or if you appreciate having all of your photos professionally printed so they will last forever, an album is the perfect solution. You can place it on your coffee table or bookshelf and look through it to remember your photo shoot and those special memories of how your family once looked. Grandma's also love albums for bragging!

Wall Presentation Options - Framed, Canvas, Acrylic

Framed: Having your photographs presented in the traditional way with a frame is probably still the most popular. I offer print collections that include 5x7" and 8x12" professional prints, supplied in cardboard mounts. This means that you simply purchase frames yourself and because they are standard sizes it makes it easy to find a frame option that suits your style and budget. These smaller prints also give you the option to display them on shelves, desks, or tables which is ideal if you are renting and don't want to put holes in your walls.

Larger prints (12x18" upwards) are sold as a fully-framed product and also include a cardboard matting that surrounds the photograph. This means that the final product is larger than the print itself, and this should be taken into consideration when deciding on a size.

Canvas: Canvas prints have become very popular in recent times and are quite readily available through retail outlets. However, like everything, the price you pay usually depicts the quality you will receive! I provide canvas prints that are of top quality - the print itself is stunning and they are treated with UV protection to stop them from fading. They also come with a 75 year guarantee! Canvas prints are stretched over hard wood and are free-floating so they do not require a frame.

Acrylic Prints: Acrylics are my absolute favourite, they just take my breath away! For those who haven't seen them, imagine a framed print without the frame. Your photograph is presented between two pieces of crystal-clear acrylic, which looks like glass. Your photograph is also printed on metallic paper, giving it a beautiful sheen that really compliments the acrylic finish. Acrylics are very modern looking and once mounted to your wall they look super-slick and just stunning!

Studio Samples

All options are on display in my studio in Ferntree Gully for you to look at before or during your photo shoot. You are welcome to organise a pre-consultation with me if you would like to view my work and products before committing to a photo shoot. Otherwise you can see all products on display during your photo shoot, and you still have time to think about what you might like before your Ordering Session. Ordering Sessions are scheduled approximately two weeks after your photo shoot, and it's only at this stage that you commit to what you would like to purchase (as this is also when you see your photos).

For all enquiries, please contact Michelle from Kiddy Kats photography:

Phone: 0401 514 969



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